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Memory 37

Positive Trivial: waking up whole
Won: Day 183
Game: Poltermaya

The first thing Tan notices as he slowly comes to is that he's lying on his back, on what feels like grass, slightly damp with dew. It's light out, or at least it feels like there's light on the other side of his eyelids, so it must be morning. There's a slight breeze, nothing strong enough to actually do more than make the grass sway slightly. A weight on his chest, but nothing keeping him from breathing or anything.

And most importantly, he notices and finds important just before he opens his eyes, is that he feels warm, and whole.

He opens his eyes to a blue sky with a few fluffy clouds. He's lying on a grassy hill, underneath a couple of pillars carved with assorted runes and places where you could stick things and stuff. ...And a certain fox, who he immediately recognizes as Fiere, is just waking up, curled up on his chest.

He says Fiere's name, and the fox turns to him and greets him. He then pushes himself up to a sitting position as the last thing he remembers - slaying the Dragon - comes to mind. He wonders briefly if all of that really happened, but a brief glance at his wrist and seeing the bracelet there confirms that yes, it did.

Hugging Fiere gently, he apologizes. He forgot that he was there, for so long. But Fiere tells him not to worry about it, because he never forgot. He just wasn't supposed to remember. And Fiere then apologizes because it was his making it so he wouldn't remember that hurt him so bad, wasn't it... But Tan tells him not to worry about that, he only ever wanted what was best, right? And they're okay now.

...Even if his gaze falls as he remembers the other stuff, and he utters that there's no way to fix or atone for what they've done. What the Dragon made them do. Doesn't matter, it was still his hands.

Fiere sniffs around a little and suddenly realizes that he knows where they are. If nothing else, it's probably better not to stay out on a hill in the middle of nowhere, right? Better to find shelter, and Fiere knows someone who should still live around here. Specifically, his mom.

Tan's surprised by that, but if Fiere has any idea of what to do next, it's better than what he's got, so he'll follow.

What He Learns
☼ Those pillars look important...
☼ Okay but seriously what is this about forgetting Fiere???
☼ Guilt :<
☼ But this bridges broken arc with finding Ambre and Nina anyway.
☼ And waking up whole after broken arc was a good thing.

This is supposed to sort of mirror "waking up broken", but he doesn't have that one back yet, sooooo...

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