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Memory 39

Positive Trivial: Y2K Party
Won: Day 191
Game: Loveless

New Years Eve, 1999. Tan, age 9, is attending a New Years party with his dad, because one of the neighbors is having a New Years party at their house for the whole neighborhood, and it's only so often it rolls over to a new century, let alone a new millennium like this. Of course, it's a more fancy party than most he's ever been to, so he has to wear a suit, which isn't too comfortable, but it's special, because his dad says he can actually stay up until midnight this year, so he can live with that.

Norbert and Rena and their families are also there, along with the other neighborhood kids but they aren't his best friends like Norbert and Rena are. Norbert's in his concert clothes, and Rena's got a pretty, sparkly green dress.

Most of the night is spent playing with the neighborhood kids and eating food from the big buffet table - most of the food is fancy stuff that is unappetizing to a nine year old, but there's chicken fingers and mac and cheese and stuff like that available too. They've got The Brave Little Toaster playing in one of the rooms, but Tan's not really interested in watching any movies.

At one point, Rena's brother (you know, the troublemaker who a few years later would end up sent to military school for being one of Laura's attackers) tries to scare all the kids with rumors that the world's going to end at midnight, he heard it from his friend's dad, all the computers are going to roll over to think it's 1900 and they're going to go all nuts and start destroying everything. And a couple of younger kids start crying because of that, but Tan steps in and disbelieves it. If the world was gonna end, they wouldn't be having a party, right? Which makes the little kids feel better.

Eventually, it turns to a few minutes to midnight, and everyone is herded in front of the TV, where they all watch the ball drop in Times Square. A cheer of "Happy New Year!" rings out, the adults all have champagne, and Rena pulls a sleepy Tan and Norbert into an impromptu dance for a few minutes, because she's had too much dessert.

And then the kids all crash and fall asleep together against the wall like fifteen minutes later because it's waaaay past their bedtimes.

What He Learns
☼ general time frame stuff, in that he was around 9 at the turn of the millennium
☼ not a fan of fancy parties
☼ hanging out with friends is always good though
☼ especially over New Years
☼ and also the world didn't end with the turn of the millennium

Mostly just pointless friendship fluff.

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