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Memory 44

True Neutral: campfire stories
Won: Day 205
Game: popularity murder times

Everybody's just finished having dinner, and so it's time to catch up. After all, Tan hasn't really seen anybody (barring certain unfortunate incidents) since he fell off the cliff, and everybody kind of split up in the middle there, so might as well make sure everybody's on the same page about what happened.

Rena joined the group shortly after the cliff incident. And shortly after that, they found the sheltie, who doesn't remember his name or much of anything but feels drawn to Laura, hence why he's tagging along. They helped a bunch of people. Saved a couple from dying. Couldn't save a couple others. Norbert looks upset when "that man" gets mentioned - nobody refers to him as more than that, or really goes into what happened, but it was evidently bad. They also had found some information about Angels at this point, but nothing that isn't common knowledge at this point.

Then they were fighting some Null in the forest when they... well. They kind of glance in Tan's direction and say "you know". They all know what happened there, so there's no reason to talk about it. Ambre took them in so they could have shelter while everyone healed.

Tan then tells what he understands of his side of the story, how he was lost in the fog but he saw everyone and they helped him face the Dragon that had. Well. You know. Jennie comments that ohh, that must be what Laura had wanted help with. She'd apparently asked everyone.

Norbert and Rena, after their injuries were healed, somehow managed to get back to the human world for a bit. They don't really talk much about the specifics of what happened there, but they apparently ran into Null there (which is unsettling, because it's not supposed to be able to get there directly, right?), and the Night Phoenixes now know about the Angel stuff and promised to let everybody in town know that they're okay. (In fact, their words of support are what helped Norbert first achieve his Angelic form.)

The Twins actually ended up dealing with their family issues - turns out a big bunch of Null had been possessing their parents for a while now. And Tony hadn't been able to do anything about it because his snake buddy had been in hiding over it. But after it was taken care of, Tony came back with them because, well, the situation calls for it, doesn't it. The Thompsons will probably still end up divorcing, but without the Null escalating things, there's hope that it might be a more amicable split.

Kim and Laura, meanwhile, ended up doing a lot more research on the Angels and the Null and the Creator. Kim fought a doppelganger or something, her explanation isn't the easiest thing to follow because she's Kim, but. She basically relates everything he already knows about why the Angels exist and such, and that they need to find all of them because with the spread of the Null they need to go visit the Creator and they need all of them to do that, but she's still not sure just how many there are, since obviously if there are eight already there could be more.

Tan interrupts and clarifies that there are ten, naming all of them and pointing to each one present in turn (though naming Laura as Metal because he doesn't know better). So basically, there are eight there (plus Tan's mom, who's the previous Fire), and they're missing Ice and Sight.

Tony appends that he knows who Ice is. They just need to go find Jess. Plus he has an idea where to find her Footprint, so that's at least a start. So they decide that in the morning, they'll go find her.

What He Learns
☼ He missed a lot, huh.
☼ But at least he had some useful information that they didn't know.
☼ Also they need to go visit the Creator.

This entry subject to revision, because guess who's behind on writeups \o/

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