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Sol ☼ Thomas "Tan" Moore ([personal profile] secretofthefox) wrote2016-03-20 04:09 pm

Memory 45

Neutral Trivial: odd jobs around town
Won: Day 207
Game: bumper cars

The Night Phoenixes, as your friendly neighborhood gang-in-name-only, hire themselves out around town to do odd jobs for the neighbors. Stuff like weeding, mowing the lawn, deliveries that are too little to bother going through the mail, painting, cleaning, shoveling snow, kid-acceptable things like that. They generally charge a small fee, except for shoveling, which they'll do for free (though they're often tipped), because that has to be done.

So this is just a montage of doing some of those odd jobs on assorted weekends over the years. Sometimes with others, sometimes by himself. (He's often the one who takes the calls for shoveling, mostly because he doesn't mind the bitter cold.)

What He Learns
☼ The Night Phoenixes continue to be an idealized afterschool program that claims to be a gang but really isn't, but that's what they're there for.

This entry subject to revision, because guess who's behind on writeups \o/

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