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Sol ☼ Thomas "Tan" Moore ([personal profile] secretofthefox) wrote2016-03-20 04:09 pm
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Skill 14

Angel Transformation
Won: Day 212
Game: team mergers

This shard allows Tan and Fiere to completely synchronize and merge, allowing them to take on an Angelic form. Three pairs of wings (one main pair, two lesser ones that help with steering and defense), scarlet chainmail under a tabard, fox ears, fox tail, something of a hero-type circlet. (Basic picture reference is in progress and will be appended when it exists.)

While in this form, Tan's other abilities need far less focus to use, so he can have multiple intricate flames going on at a given time and doing complicated things without difficulty. It also gives him an even more heightened boost to reflexes than even Shared Sight does, as well as a small haste boost, because they're so synchronized.

HOWEVER. It also tires him out faster than usual, because Tan and Fiere as a soul are in a lower energy state separate than together. So after using this, especially the more it's used, the both of them will probably be exhausted for a while.

Note: though the form includes wings, this shard does not allow him to fly worth a damn :')

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