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Thomas "Tan" Moore
of Ratatoskr at [community profile] kyriakos

::Important Links ::
Memory/Skill Registry

:: Mun Contact ::
☼ Personal Journal: [personal profile] bridgitkiido
☼ AIM: bridgitkiido
☼ Plurk: [ profile] rabbitfeathers
☼ General OOC Contact Post: here
☼ Usual IRC Nickname: RynerLute
☼ Timezone: EST, usually on after dinner, weekends are better

:: You May Also Know Me As ::
☆ Ryner Lute of [community profile] route_29 (and formerly [community profile] cfud) :: [personal profile] tearsofademon

☽ formerly Quince/Kurow of [ profile] sabra_la_tau :: [ profile] lunarwings/[personal profile] moonwings
☽ formerly Caramel/Kurow of [community profile] decollage :: [personal profile] fallenmoonbeam
✿ formerly Three Winged Rabbits (Portrait) of [community profile] decollage :: [personal profile] rabbitrabbitrabbit

:: Character Status ::
Arrived Day 62 (May 19, 2014)

Hiatus Count: 2
:: Day 86-90 (August 18-29, 2014) - Questing in Jo's realm for a wooden sword and a big fancy chocolate cake
:: Day 152-153 (June 12-19, 2015) - tea with The Castle Guard/Cotton Candy

:: the clothes on his back
:: a charm bracelet
:: a fancy suit (that Jo dressed him in)
:: a wooden sword (quested from Jo)
:: watercolor supplies (quested from Cotton Candy)

Health: PTSD, but otherwise okay
Death Count: 5
:: Day 97: Poltergeist's game, burned
:: Day 121: Roxy Heart, god tier suicide
:: Day 121: Roxy Heart, echo of Cry Wolf
:: Day 121: Roxy Heart, echo of Rose's death
:: Day 193: Caretaker's game, stabbed

Memories: 41
Skills: 12

Learned Skills
:: Basic First Aid (learned from Belt)
:: Cooking Spaghetti (learned from Zelos)
:: Connection with Verius (team extension from Zelos)
:: Blackout (team extension from Roxy)
:: Super Basic Swimming Lessons (from Sakura)

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