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Memory 49

Positive Neutral: dreamtime
Won: Day 227
Game: mafia

Neither of them remember when it happened for the first time. It was almost certainly after age three, but it definitely started before he was about four and a half. At night, Tom would go to sleep, and his consciousness and Fiere's would meet in a dream world, where they would play together all night.

Or they would talk. Sometimes Tom would be upset, and Fiere would help him to feel better. When his mom died, the first night, in his dreams, Tom just sat there, crying and hugging Fiere all night. The second night, Fiere spent the night trying to help him feel better.

Tom told Fiere everything, in this dreamscape. He told him the night after he met two really nice kids who his dad hadn't forced to try to play with him. He told him about school projects, both the good ones and the bad. He told him about his new nickname when it started to stick, and when Fiere asked if he wanted him to use it too, Tan tells him sure.

Fiere, also, told his human friend some things. Not everything, because surely the other wasn't that interested in the affairs of a fox. And there are things that he didn't know. But when Tom wondered why Fiere could talk, Fiere said it was because they had a special bond. And when Tan asked if Fiere knew how fire worked, Fiere suggested that they go on an adventure to find out.

...Oddly, though, though this memory presents a general montage of these dream meetings, there's nothing past the night before his tenth birthday, when Tan is super excited as he races Fiere through the dream woods because his dad promised he'll be home tomorrow night for birthday dinner.

What He Learns
☼ When they were young, they used to know each other by visiting in their dreams.
☼ He used to be able to dream.
☼ So why does he think he's never been able to?
☼ And why hasn't he been able to?

The dreamscape bears a striking resemblance to the misty forest Tan was wandering during Broken Soul arc. Except, you know, not quite as fogged up.

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