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Sol ☼ Thomas "Tan" Moore ([personal profile] secretofthefox) wrote2016-07-04 02:33 pm

Skill 15

Lucid Dreaming
Won: Day 235
Game: social bingo

Up until this point, Tan has been unable to dream except with Echo intervention. With this shard in place, he will finally be able to actually have and remember dreams on his own.

But that's not all.

Tan has always been a naturally lucid dreamer. When he is dreaming, he's aware that he's dreaming, though it takes practice for him to actually affect his dreams (and he is 5+ years out of practice because reasons). And when he and Fiere are asleep at the same time, they share a dream, and affecting it becomes much easier with both of them together. (Though, Fiere is not such a lucid dreamer by himself.)

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