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☀ = available
☼ = received
If it's in green, please consider giving this first.
If it's in red, please don't give it yet.
If it's in gray, its prereq hasn't been obtained yet.
This list is forever a work in progress, and red locks are subject to my whims.


Positive Significant
meeting Norbert and Rena
☀ surprise party
first flame
☀ meeting his mother

Positive Neutral
learning to sword fight
meeting Kim and Laura
☀ Bobby
☀ regrouping
Sight vs. Ice
☀ Mac

Positive Trivial
walking through the garden with his mother
first snow day
the day Thomas became Tan
school project with Rena
Norbert's guitar recital
☀ dumb skit for class
Y2K party
☀ Dragon's Arms montage!!!
high school chemistry
campfire bonding (Laura)
waking up whole
mother-son bonding
Magical Paintball Gunnerman

Neutral Significant
☀ Fiere, purpose
the playground brawl
the formation of the Night Phoenix Gang
☀ the path to paradise
the cliff
the inherited knowledge of the Flame
Alexander Roland

True Neutral
☀ recruiting the Night Phoenix Gang
that time there was a turf war
the girl who lost her precious cat
meeting the Twins
and Norbert followed
broken wanderings
campfire stories
☀ Hubert
thanking Laura
☀ all ten create a miracle

Neutral Trivial
☀ a midnight bathroom excursion
a day at the library
odd jobs around town
☀ newspaper montage
info gathering at the market
campfire bonding (Kim)
cathedral basement exploration
☀ of the necklace
☀ when the adults were young
the core of Ice

Negative Significant
house fire
☀ nightmare
☀ Vincent
Lightning's gift
Fiere, dying
the Dragon
☀ the Creator's madness

Negative Neutral
the other side of the playground brawl
☀ Fiere, alone
waking up broken
Metal (?) vs Ice

Negative Trivial
lonely night at home
☀ a disconnected morning with his father
"Charcoal Boy"
Rena's hair
falling down a trap door


Fiere: Telepathy
Fiere: Shared Sight
Sword Fighting
Flame I (candle flame)
Flame II (actual pyrokinesis)
Fire Shaping
Fire Elemental Pings
Fire Absorbtion
Holy/Angel Pings
Angel Transformation
☀ Flight
☀ Inspiration
☀ Fire Infusion
Art Skills
Hand to Hand/general physical stats
Cooking Skills
Lucid Dreaming
☀ Heart Shatter
☀ Null Infection