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Sol ☼ Thomas "Tan" Moore ([personal profile] secretofthefox) wrote2014-05-18 05:07 pm


Name: Sol || Thomas Moore, goes by Tan
Age: 15
Team: Ratatoskr

Height/Build: 5'8", svelte. He runs for fun, so he's got some muscles built up in his legs from that.
Hair/Eyes: blond and short; hazel
Notable Traits: He's always wearing a charm bracelet, the charms of which are like little uncut gem stones. It has various elemental pings, but only enough residual magic to ping and that's about it.

Also he's got some battle scars - claw marks, bite marks, a lot of scratches on his back that look almost like he took a huge fall... nothing super identifiable though. Most of them are pretty light.

Other: Pings as a fire elemental, and as a holy being. And human, but very fire.

He's almost always accompanied by Fiere, a red fox spirit who is part of his soul. To people reading souls, they would read as the same being.

This post is subject to updates as he gets back skills.