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Memory 36

Neutral Significant: Alexander Roland
Won: Day 183
Game: Q&A

This memory takes place once again in the ice church, shortly after Jessica Biggs' death (as evidenced by her corpse on the floor and the fact that Laura is still in the same spot as she had been) but at least a few minutes' jump later, considering that there's a translucent guy standing by Laura who was decidedly not there before.

That guy is definitely the teacher's assistant who was knocked out during the Playground Brawl. Alexander Roland, Laura and Kim's cousin.

Laura is crying tears of joy as she looks up at him. Kim, even as she supports her sister, also looks happy that he's there. The sheltie has curled up by his feet, content - evidently, the two of them are partners.

John asks everybody to back up, because he's not quite following what's going on here. Namely, why did this guy just come out of the necklace Laura's been wearing this whole time? He's got an idea who this is, Biggs made that much pretty clear in her taunting, but that's about it. Alex then explains that when Laura was little, she used to come to him to talk about her dreams, because they were really vivid but her parents wouldn't listen. And the odd thing was, they kept coming to pass, too. In fact, it was in following one of the dreams she'd told him about that he found his way to Paradise the first time and learned of his own power over Metal.

The summer before Laura was supposed to start Ms. Biggs' class, her nightmare started getting even worse. Because Alex happened to be assigned to that class for his teacher's assistant assignment, he made sure to keep an eye on her, and things, while learning what he could from Paradise. Eventually, he found out about the plot to hurt Laura, and determined that even if he thwarted one, he wouldn't be able to stop them all.

That was, unless he performed some forbidden magic.

He broke his soul in pieces, more than even just human, spirit, and Angel, sent his spirit companion far away, and sealed half of his Angel and a piece of his Human into the necklace that he gave Laura. Knowing that the kids would be coming at her with a special weapon that could steal souls, he dove in the way of it so that the rest of his soul would be stolen instead. And knowing that the attacks wouldn't stop unless the Angel of Sight was hidden, he placed a curse (he hates calling it that but that's what it is) on the necklace that would suppress her power as long as it was worn, with the side effect that she would be unable to speak during that time. ...And because strong emotion could potentially cause her power to shine even through that, he leaked his consciousness into hers to keep her from getting too emotional one way or another, and to keep her from taking off the necklace. This had the side effect of making her tired all the time, but better that than her being found.


Yeah Tan stops him pretty much right there, none too happy to learn that this guy had basically been possessing his cousin for three years through this necklace. Alex tries to explain that it was all to protect her, and it succeeded. She's still here, right? Not dead, not taken by the Null.

And then he makes the mistake of saying that it's the same for Tan. Why, if he hadn't been possessed, nobody would have noticed his Null infection until it was too late, and right now he'd be dead at best, more likely lost to the Null forever. Norbert and Rena are side-eyeing him at this point, and Norbert spells out the question, "Are you saying the hundreds of spirits he killed, almost killing Rena and me, you're saying you think it was a good thing?"


Tan then proceeds to scream at him for even suggesting that in any universe any part of those events was good. He even summons his fire sword and points it at Alex angrily, though thankfully Rena stops him from actually harming Alex with it, not telling him off for being angry, just shaking her head, hurting him isn't worth it.

And then he poofs his sword away and stomps away in a huff, saying that the rest of them can keep talking to this moron, he's going to go blow off some steam. Fiere looks up at Alex with his own glare of fury before following after his human.

Just after they pass into the side hallway and past the wall, the last thing they hear is what sounds almost like a slap? But who knows what that could be. And who cares. All Tan wants to do is throw fire at a wall. Maybe that'll stop the tears from starting to flow down his cheeks.

What He Learns
☼ The sheltie is Alex's partner. ...Honestly expected, considering previous revelations.
☼ Alex was actively possessing Laura for three years.
☼ Explains her mute-ness. And her frailty. And her lack of strong emotion.
☼ ...Man, Alex is an ass.
☼ Suggesting that in any universe, possession is a good thing...
Daring to claim that possessed murder times was a good thing in any sense of the word...

This scene indirectly inspired by a conversation I had with my pastor when I was little on the topic of why "Good Friday" is called that.

The slapping sound at the end was Laura slapping Alex for being insensitive to the fact that Tan is still hurting from that experience, for the record.

Alex means well. He's just cray cray. You probably wouldn't be much better off if your soul was broken in pieces and part of it was tortured for years on end.