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Memory 40

Neutral Trivial: campfire bonding (Kim)
Won: Day 194
Game: Pew Pew Xi Laser Funtimes

It's lunch time in the spirits' forest, and Norbert's turn to cook. John is trying to help, in his own way, which involves some attempts at backseat cooking and maybe losing his temper a little, but Norbert never loses his own cool. But then, that's Norbert for you. And Laura has pulled Jennie aside for something.

Kim has pulled out a textbook of some kind and seems to be studying it intently. Tan, mildly curious, asks what she's up to, and she happily shows him her Japanese textbook. She's self-taught, but she's been working on it for years, only moving to the next chapter when she can do all the exercises flawlessly, and she's halfway through the second book in this series. (A college-level textbook series, because that's what her parents found. She's basically a year into American-college-level Japanese. At age 13.) She has to learn what she can in order to watch the anime she wants to that doesn't get decent dubs, right?

Tan makes the mistake of commenting that that's pretty cool. So Kim decides hey, let's teach Charcoal Boy here a few kanji. She writes down ten symbols and points to each one in turn, saying that they're the numbers 1 through 10. And then she tells him to copy them. ...Which he does, trying to humor her, though his handwriting is pretty atrocious because what is stroke order. Then, after that, she takes away the reference and tells him to try and remember them and write them down again.

...To his credit, he remembers four of them. They happen to be 1, 2, 3, and 10, which are pretty much the easiest ones to remember, but. Kim's a little disappointed, but supposes she did kind of pull this on him without warning, so she's happy he got this much.

What He Learns
☼ Kim is serious about her Japanese studies. Really serious.
☼ He now knows the kanji 一, 二, 三, and 十, and that they mean 1, 2, 3, and 10 respectively. Not how they're pronounced, mind you.
☼ He'll also recognize the kanji for 4-9 if he sees them, but hell if you want him to write them from memory. And again, no idea how they're pronounced.
☼ That's it that's the memory.

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