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Memory 41

Significant Negative: Fiere, dying
Won: Day 198
Game: crossdressing

He keeps running.

No matter how broken and empty everything feels, he keeps running. He has to keep running, he did something bad, really bad, he has to keep running, he has to get away from him to protect him...

What did he do? What does it matter, it was horrible, unforgivable.

Who is he protecting? Someone important, even if he can't bring to mind a face, much less a name or a smell or anything.

It still hurts. It still hurts so much, and the longer he runs, the more tired he gets, and it hurts even worse when he slows running but doesn't stop even as his vision starts to fail on him from sheer exhaustion, but he can't keep up this pace.

Why is he running? There's an important reason, but what are the details?

Do they matter?

Eventually, he just can't keep going anymore and collapses. It hurts. It hurts it hurts it hurts, but he can barely get himself to breathe, let alone make any other movements.

A vague, detached part of his mind notes that he's dying, isn't he. That's a bad thing, right? If he dies here, if he dies now, then something...

Something? He can't remember. It's bad, right? But there's nothing he can do, so why fight the inevitable, right...?




But then, as he's just about to accept that whatever it is, it's too bad, but he can't stop it, he feels something on his back. A splash of water. Something cold, but not uncomfortably so. And it keeps coming, and there's something rubbing his fur, and he can hear a voice, though he can't make out what the voice is saying

and somehow it doesn't hurt as much anymore. Somehow he feels like he can move again, if only a little. He opens his eyes, slowly, and he sees this blond human, with an expression that seems just as lost and empty as he feels, and something pings, but he can't tell what, just that this human is Important...

Is it related to what he can't remember? Is it related to what's so broken? Hard to say. But the human indicates a bowl of water on the ground, and he has just enough strength to gratefully start to drink.

This human is Important. He makes up his mind. He'll have to follow him. He doesn't know why, but something...

What He Learns
☼ So this memory is from Fiere's point of view.
☼ It's his perspective of Broken Soul arc, specifically Memory 9.
☼ He was running away, and his memories were slipping away.
☼ He was about to die. Dying in this scenario would be bad. Why? /shrug
☼ (Probably what the Dragon was saying, about claiming the Angel of Fire. He wanted Fiere dead, after all. Probably, if Fiere died, the Dragon would have won.)
☼ The human boy is obviously Tan, though he doesn't recognize him, just like Tan didn't recognize Fiere.
☼ The water (that the image of Jennie created by the bracelet gave Tan) saved Fiere's life.

And here we have the final Broken Soul memory, which I hope is coherent.