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Memory 42

Positive Trivial: school project with Rena
Won: Day 199
Game: questions from god only knows where

Tan, age 8 (but he'll be 9 in a couple months!), is over at Rena's house. It's spring of third grade, and the two of them are both in the same class, along with Norbert. (They've tended to be in the same class for years now. But then, no one said classes were completely random, and besides, none of them mind.) But it's just Tan and Rena today, because the class was paired up, a boy and a girl in each pair, and they were given projects to work on together. Which kind of stinks that they can't all three work together, but.

So Tan and Rena's project is to make a presentation about the rain forest (Rena picked the topic, Tan had no objections) - what one is, where you can find them, what you can find in them, and because their teacher is very into getting the students to read the newspaper for whatever reason, they have to cut out articles of current events pertaining somehow to it. You'd think this would be difficult, but as it turns out, while they're flipping through the pile of papers that Rena's parents have dug out, Rena finds an article about a forest fire that happened in Brazil, wiping out a good few acres.

She's upset to hear it. The poor trees, all the plants burned away, all the animals with no more homes to go back to...

Tan tries to cheer her up, though. He read it in a book during library time. It was a story about a family of beavers who lived in a forest that burned down so they had to escape and find a new home, but when the kids grew up and had kids of their own and they decided to return, they found that the forest had grown back, and even better, because the ash from the burned trees fertilized the ground and provided more nutrients for new growth, and old branches being burned away let a lot more light through. So he's sure that the fire didn't kill the rain forest, either. It just made it stronger! Even if it'll take a while.

Rena seems to accept this, at least. And so they spend the rest of the afternoon making a cool poster about the rain forest and a little model to go with it (made of popsicle sticks, pipe cleaners, and some cut-out pictures that Tan drew when popsicle sticks and pipe cleaners wouldn't suffice).

What He Learns
☼ A third-grader's level of knowledge about the rain forest and how it works (honestly probably a bit more than that)
☼ He tended toward having class with Norbert and Rena
☼ Rena's always liked plants. No surprises there. Frankly that could've already been said.
☼ ...This maybe gives some extra context to what Rena's apparition said. "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger", indeed.

This is mostly here for the bit about coming back after forest fires, really.