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Memory 43

True Neutral: and Norbert followed
Won: Day 204
Game: car creation

It's night in the spirits' forest, and Tan is on first watch while Kim, Laura, Jennie, and John are sleeping. He's playing a little with the fire, making little dancing shapes and just in general exploring his power.

Then he hears something. A stick, cracking as though being stepped on.

He looks in the direction the sound came from, but sees nothing. He stands up, and quietly makes his way toward where it came from, and he sees a shadow-ish thing, but it's hard to see. Then he sets his hand on fire to use it as a flashlight.

And by the firelight, he sees Norbert, who's got a branch up as a makeshift protective weapon. He lowers it, though, as his features show recognition too.


"Norbert? Is that you?"

"Tan! There you are! I've been looking all over for you!"

They both come to the clearing where everybody's sleeping to talk. Turns out after Tan had left to help rescue the cat, and after it had been a few hours, everybody started getting worried. They'd waited a day, but when he still hadn't come back by then, Norbert had decided to try to find him himself (asking Rena to let his parents know), and had found himself here one way or another, and has been wandering here for two days.

Kim wakes up at this point and comes over to find out what the noise is. Tan introduces Norbert, and Kim wonders how he's here. Does he have powers like the rest of them? "Nee-chan didn't mention anything about you..." But at the mention of powers, Norbert does mention that he has kind of suddenly started to be able to hear a lot more than usual - it's kind of what lead him here in the first place, once he'd started in the general direction Tan had gone, he'd heard some thoughts Tan had had at different points. Plus he's been kind of echolocating his way through this forest, though he couldn't tell exactly who Tan was until he lit things up.

When he proves it by responding to one of Kim's unspoken thoughts, she accepts it and welcomes him. They're making so many new allies! And only four days after finding Charcoal Boy.

...But wait. Tan starts counting. And if Norbert's been here for two days, and it was one day at home before he got here, and one day there is three days here, that doesn't make sense. He asks Kim if she's sure she's got the time difference right. She grimaces and says that she had had it right. Or at least, as long as nobody thought it was different, it would stay consistent. Norbert not knowing must have thrown off the average.

Well, either way. That can be sorted out in the morning.

What He Learns
☼ Norbert followed because everybody got worried when Tan didn't come back.
☼ He has sonic powers.
☼ We knew this.
☼ Kim was bluffing about the time difference. Mostly in an attempt to keep things consistent, it would have been right if nobody else had contradicted her.
☼ That makes no sense but okay.

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