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Memory 47

Positive Trivial: mother-son bonding
Won: Day 221
Game: betting

After the trip that was Memory 32, Tan stays with his mother for about a week. Partially because he wants to spend time with his mom - he barely knew her before she died, after all. Partially because, much as he hates to admit it, it was a bit of a trip, and he could use some time to figure things out.

And partially because he's not sure he's ready to face the real world again, not yet.

Part of that week is spent just talking to his mom. Filling her in on how life has been since she died. Telling her about his friends, and about the Night Phoenixes, and how his dad's never home. She sympathizes with that last one - he's always been a work-a-holic, ever since the day she met him. But she's glad that her son has found friends. And she's so proud of him for standing up against bullies like he always has.

She shares some stories of her own, too. Like how she met his dad - she'd taken a part-time job in a coffee shop, and he'd come in one day to study, he was in law school nearby, and she'd noticed that he had a lot of Null wearing him down. So she'd found his footprint that night and cleaned it out, typical Wednesday. But he'd come in a week later and told her that he'd had a dream that she'd been in, and since then he's been feeling better than he has in months, and he's never believed in mere coincidence. So they'd gotten to talking, after she had figured out that no, this wasn't just some dumb pickup line, he actually meant it. She'd never met anyone who would know what happened in their footprint before.

She and Ambre also give Tan and Fiere some lessons. Everything up to now with their fire has been self-taught; they've had no mentor, after all, and all they've been able to do is jump in blindly and hope for the best. Whereas Nina was taught by her father, who was taught by his mother. So she shows him some techniques that he wouldn't have thought of on his own in their lessons, though she does mention that she's very impressed with how far he's gotten on his own already.

It's not all good, of course. A few times, Tan ends up panicking a little or throwing up - when Ambre accidentally sets dinner aflame instead of just cooking it, or when there's a sudden loud screech in the forest late at night that sounds like a scream, or the other time that he still has no idea what even led to it (although to be fair, no one had turned the lights on yet, and the sunset was particularly red that night, leading to everything seeming to be dyed that shade). But every time, his mother and both foxes are right by his side, helping him to get through it, helping him to calm down, assuring him that it's okay now, here, in the present.

(And at one point she mentions that he's not the only one who's had to deal with being infected with Null, or broken his soul. The night she died, she broke her soul to try to clean out her own infection. She kind of underestimated how much damage that would do to the house, though.)

When it's been about a week, Tan finally decides that he's ready to head out. ...Or, well, he probably shouldn't stay here forever, and he should at least find out how the others are doing, even if he doesn't end up rejoining them. (His mom reassures him that they don't hate him as much as he thinks they do. He's still unsure.) Nina and Ambre decide that they will come with him, because it's been a while since they've had a good adventure, and they might as well join their respective sons. Besides, if the Null is getting as bad as it seems it is, they could use the help, even from an ex-Angel.

Tan and Fiere aren't about to protest that.

What He Learns
☼ He hung out at his mom's place for a week between learning about what it means to be an Angel and heading out to find Norbert and Rena.
☼ Mom dere <3
☼ How his mom met his dad
☼ Some second-hand ideas for how to use fire
☼ Some help with dealing with panic attacks
☼ Mom broke her soul too :(
☼ and then they came along to find everyone but we knew that

I might revise this and add to it later, idk.