Skill 14

Mar. 20th, 2016 04:09 pm
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Angel Transformation
Won: Day 212
Game: team mergers

This shard allows Tan and Fiere to completely synchronize and merge, allowing them to take on an Angelic form. Three pairs of wings (one main pair, two lesser ones that help with steering and defense), scarlet chainmail under a tabard, fox ears, fox tail, something of a hero-type circlet. (Basic picture reference is in progress and will be appended when it exists.)

While in this form, Tan's other abilities need far less focus to use, so he can have multiple intricate flames going on at a given time and doing complicated things without difficulty. It also gives him an even more heightened boost to reflexes than even Shared Sight does, as well as a small haste boost, because they're so synchronized.

HOWEVER. It also tires him out faster than usual, because Tan and Fiere as a soul are in a lower energy state separate than together. So after using this, especially the more it's used, the both of them will probably be exhausted for a while.

Note: though the form includes wings, this shard does not allow him to fly worth a damn :')

Skill 13

Jan. 25th, 2016 05:25 pm
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Fire Absorbtion
Won: Day 200
Game: dorm/uniform design

Tan (and Fiere) can now absorb flames that aren't his creation, extinguishing the flame but buffing his own fire temporarily. When combined with his fire pings already in place, it's basically his own version of Flash Fire, plus he can use it to protect others from fire, though he needs practice before he can handle large amounts quickly.

Skill 12

Oct. 25th, 2015 03:24 pm
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Hand to Hand/general physical stats
Won: Day 181
Game: Chopped

This shard basically contains Tan's ability to hold his own in a fist fight, the experience of a street kid who spars regularly but isn't a pro boxer or anything. It also contains what above average physical stats he's got, which basically boils down to increased stamina and pain tolerance.

It also contains Fiere's skill at fighting tooth and nail, so he can actually be strategically useful instead of just rushing in and hoping for the best.

Skill 11

Oct. 6th, 2015 03:37 pm
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Fire Shaping
Won: Day 176
Game: why did you let me write a hamsteak AU and add magical girl fusion dances to it

Tan can now shape fire however he wants. He wants a cube of fire? Have a cube of fire. He wants a dancing ballerina made of fire? He'll have to concentrate on the details, but have a dancing ballerina made of fire. He can even make the flames solid enough that they can support weight. (Though they're still fire, so if anyone wants to sit on a chair made of fire they'd better make sure they're fire-resistant or they're gonna get burned.) Levitating platforms to run up? Got it.

It takes concentration to keep any of this going for long without poofing into regular fire, of course, so he needs practice still.

The thing he tends to use this for the most, though, is Tan can now make a sword out of fire. And he uses his charm bracelet as a focus for it (it becomes kind of the hilt of the blade), so it doesn't take as much concentration as other things and he can therefore keep it up.

(Yes Fiere can do this too.)

Skill 10

Aug. 6th, 2015 10:13 pm
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Holy/Angel Pings
Won: Day 163
Game: Would I Lie To You?

Tan is an Angel, and this shard gives him back that part of him. To those who can sense these things, he now still pings as human and FIRE, but also as a holy being. Just this shard doesn't allow him to take angelic form, but he can produce a halo if he wants. (It's more of the circular aura of light behind the head type, not the shiny ring floating above the head type.)

If he focuses hard enough, he can concentrate holy energy in one place to give himself one of a number of stat boosts. Generally minor boosts unless he's concentrating really hard, and only in one stat at a time, but he needs a little boost to his attack speed? He can do that. He needs to be able to take a hit? He can up his defenses. He's being assaulted mentally? ...Well he's not going to be able to concentrate on that very easily because PTSD, but if he tries, he can up his mental defenses.

He can also infuse his fire with this holy energy, either to give it a similar stat boost or to create a separate special flame that only burns corruption.

(Note: corruption refers to unnatural, unwanted, negative influence. Possession that isn't done to willing channelers. For a Digimon example, think dark spores, or black gears, or things like those. For a Warcraft example, the Sha fit to a T. Natural born demons wouldn't be affected unless they're naturally weak to Holy or possessing a body that isn't their own or something like that.)

All of this also applies to Fiere, naturally :3

One final note: when he takes this one, Tan and Fiere will feel like a weight they hadn't realized they'd been carrying has been lifted from them. Other people taking it won't notice this, but people who can sense soul stuff might notice after he takes it that while before his soul had two core pieces trying to hold things together, now there are three, and this is a more natural state. But there's no consciousness or summon to be had in this one...

Skill 9

Jun. 24th, 2015 09:58 am
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Fiere: Shared Sight
Won: Day 154
Game: Mix and Match Story

This shard allows Tan and Fiere to connect on a mental level that's greater than just telepathy. One can now transfer their entire consciousness to the other to piggy-back off the other's senses, to see and hear everything the other can, as well as to share their thoughts and emotions directly.

If Tan is piggybacking off Fiere, he leaves his body behind for the duration in a state that's somewhere between sleep and a trance. With practice (and effort, requiring more the further away from his body he is), he'll maintain some ability to hear what's going on around his general vicinity, as well as limited ability to speak in a sleep-talking manner.

When it's the other way around, Fiere doesn't leave his body behind, but instead can now despawn and respawn at will, and when he's not spawned he now by default is a minor presence in Tan's head. From this position, he can* exert some influence over Tan's actions - usually this is no more than something of a mental suggestion that hey, we might want to go left here, that Tan can listen or not as he will, but it can be more than that in a pinch, even to the extent of full possession if Tan's consciousness is somehow compromised. When open to Fiere's influence, Sol gains a pair of incorporeal fox ears on his head; if Fiere is possessing him completely, his eyes also become fox-like slits.

In addition, this shard approximately doubles the range that Fiere can wander away from Tan or the two of their mirror. He can go further if Tan's consciousness is tagging along, though this takes concentration and energy on Tan's part, requiring more of both the further Fiere wanders.

*though for obvious reasons he's not exactly about to go doing this except in absolute emergencies, especially right now - where else did you think the backdoor the Null used to possess the two of them came from?

Skill 8

Apr. 8th, 2015 09:12 pm
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Flame II: Actual Pyrokinesis
Won: Day 138
Game: explora-story

This shard contains the raw power of Tan's fire manipulation abilities. Whereas up to this point he could only summon around a candle's worth at a time, now there's not much limit to how much fire he can summon at once.

(...You know, aside from the power cap, which will keep his fire at typical level 30 mage fireball strength. But still.)

It should be noted that this shard doesn't actually contain precision with the fire, though. That's all in candle flame. So the two shards work together like that.

(Yes Fiere benefits from this shard too.)

Skill 7

Jan. 4th, 2015 01:44 pm
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Fire Elemental Pings
Won: Day 117
Game: you seriously gave the fire derp an ice dinosaur

Tan now pings as a fire elemental! ...I mean, he still also pings as human, but he's very very FIRE.

This comes with several side-benefits:
☼ His fire gets a +1 boost. It's not much, but it's there.
☼ He is now immune to injuries caused by his own fire.
☼ He will now subconsciously cauterize wounds when it wouldn't be better for him not to. This is not increased regeneration, but more he doesn't really have to worry about blood loss most the time.
☼ He can no longer be burned.
☼ He is also immune to the effects of breathing in smoke and other burned fumes. (Incidentally, this means he physically can't get high off of burned drugs, not that he cares.)
☼ He is no longer harmed by fire in general. Specific attacks that are fire-based still will, but they'll act more as general attacks rather than of a fire element.
☼ On the other hand, he now takes double damage from water-based attacks. Though, he suffers no ill effects from simply being submerged in it - it has to be an attack.
☼ His normal body temperature is now roughly 4 degrees F higher than what is considered "normal" for a human. In fact, if he gets sick, his body temperature will actually get lower as his immune system diverts energy from his internal heat to fight the disease.
☼ He can also control the temperature of the area immediately around him! ...Like, within an inch or so. So he no longer has to worry about being freezing cold \o/
☼ And finally, he can now create a fire-like aura around himself that's purely aesthetic and isn't actually hot.

This all also applies to Fiere.

Skill 6

Oct. 28th, 2014 10:28 pm
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Cooking Skills
Won: Day 103
Game: Long Live the Queen

Pretty much what it says on the tin. Tan can cook now! He's well-practiced in easy things like pasta and boiled hot dogs, pretty good at following a recipe if he has it in front of him (he knows what most of the words mean and how to do them, or at least the basic to intermediate ones), and he can even roast a piece of meat over a campfire and have it be cooked through without being too burned.

Skill 5

Oct. 19th, 2014 01:11 pm
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Fiere: Telepathy
Won: Day 101
Game: haunted elevators

Fiere can talk now!!! Unless you're psychically deaf or something because he does so via telepathy but. He can either broadcast it in public or focus to say something in private to Tan, and it also allows Tan to chat with Fiere telepathically as well, though he generally doesn't bother.

Additionally! And this is relevant to Rats! This telepathically chatting in private thing extends to others who put in the shard! So if you try out this shard, take it out, and then it goes in Tan's mirror, you too can chat with Fiere psychically in private! Think of it as kind of a psychic network with Fiere that you're adding another node to, or something. (But if you don't want it to apply to you, it doesn't have to.)

If you put in this shard and want this to apply to you, please comment to this post just for my records, by the way ^^;

One other bonus is this extends Fiere's range of motion a bit. He still can't be completely away from Tan (or the soul mirror counts), but as long as they're in the same building (or the outdoor equivalent), it's fine.

Skill 4

Aug. 16th, 2014 11:32 pm
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Sword Fighting
Won: Day 86
Game: this travesty

Tan now actually knows what he's doing with a sword! He's had some lessons, and while he's not a master by any means, he's pretty decent at it. This also comes with some basic tactical knowledge regarding sword fighting, like how to look for the opponent's openings while covering his own.

(In other words, that quest he's been meaning to go after for a sword? Yeah he has no more reason to wait now.)

Skill 3

Aug. 9th, 2014 09:16 pm
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Art Skills
Won: Day 84
Game: ingredient retrieval

Tan is now actually capable of art stuff! He knows sketching, colored pencils, and watercolor, though his favorite is that last one (ironically enough). He's pretty good at it, too! Like, not Monet levels, but he's pretty well-practiced.

Skill 2

Jul. 10th, 2014 02:44 pm
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Flame I (candle flame)
Won Day 76
Game: Victorian Coal Miners

Tan can now set things on fire with a thought! ...He can only do a little at a time right now, only about a candle flame's worth, and it can't really be used as an effective attack by itself currently, but it's still fire.

He can also create a small candle flame's worth of fire out of thin air as a light source, but he'll want to be careful with that for now because until he gets back a certain other skill that will burn him if he holds it. It will continue to burn until dismissed as long as there is air and Tan is conscious.

Fiere can do this too! And he can also cough little tiny ember sparks.


Skill 1

Jun. 8th, 2014 06:30 pm
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Won: Day 67
Game: Cops and Robbers

[Tan] is now able to summon a fox spirit named Fiere to his side, who acts as a familiar/companion.

Details )


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